Lexus – Black

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Product Description

Cruise in style with this luxurious deep black Lexus SUV. Put the key in the ignition and get ready to drive in style with this stunning licensed Lexus LX570. Equipped with a full on-board audio system and BlueTooth, leather seats and seat belt, your child will be the envy of the neighbourhood. The painted showroom finish and hub caps are an absolute eye-catcher!

• 12V 10A battery
• 2 x 35W motors
• Manual and remote function
• Gradual acceleration module
• 2 speeds – Low: 4km/h. High: 8km/h, FWD and REV
• Key activated
• Working headlights and taillights
• Working horn and start-up sound
• EVA wheels
• Leather seat with 3 point harness seat belts
• Full suspension
• Showroom finish paint
• 12V charger included
• Max. weight: 90 lb


  • Weight: 29 kg

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