Toyota Tundra – White

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Product Description

Wicked white Toyota Tundra. Tough, rugged and built for fun. It’s a child’s dream to come driving up in this licensed Toyota truck featuring a working horn and lights, padded leather seats, EVA wheels, and full suspension. Nothing feels better than listening to their favorite tunes while enjoying a great ride.

• 2 x 12V 7A batteries
• 2 x 45W motors
• Manual and remote function
• Remote controller with override capability
• 3rd speed by remote only
• Working roll-bar lights
• 2 speeds – low: 4km/h. High: 8km/h, FWD and REV
• Push-button start
• Working headlights and taillights
• Working horn and pre-loaded music
• Traction strips in wheels
• Four-wheel suspension
• Leather seats with 2 x 3 point harness seat belts
• Cargo box with working tailgate
• Showroom finish paint
• 12V charger included
• Max. weight: 100 lb


  • Weight: 28 kg

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